The Ultimate Guide To Campervan Maintenance

Campervan maintenance is essential for keeping your home on wheels in the best condition,
and to avoid expensive breakdowns or ruined plans. Below, we look at how to maintain every
aspect of your camper and the best practices to keep you on the road, whatever the weather.


Your campervan should pass an MOT test annually if it’s over 3 years old. We’d advise you to
schedule your MOT ahead of any travel plans, just in case it needs any repairs or parts


Regular servicing gets you ahead of potential issues lurking in your camper which could lead to pricey repairs. We recommend a yearly service and a yearly habitation check which covers the Wellhouse conversion. As there are electrical and gas elements within the conversion, it is important to keep up to date with these checks to ensure the safety of campervans.


Regularly check your tyre pressure, or invest in a tyre pressure monitoring system. This gadget
gives real-time updates, helping to prevent potential issues before they arise. Keep an eye out
for cracks or stress on the tyre rims too. These could be signs of hidden problems waiting to
happen. Lastly, always travel with the necessary tools for tyre changes and at least one
spare tyre.

Engine Oil

Check your engine oil regularly. A dipstick can quickly indicate whether the oil level is within
acceptable parameters (between the maximum and minimum marks). If the oil level falls below
the minimum, top it off immediately to prevent engine damage. Keep a spare bottle in your
campervan at all times.
A noticeable colour change indicates it’s time for an oil change. Fresh oil has a clear and
amber-like colour while older oil turns dark brown or even black. Unless you know your engine
inside out, it’s best to get this done at a mechanic. This is covered in a regular service. You can
also follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for oil changes but if you’re often driving on dusty
roads or in heavy traffic, more frequent oil changes may be needed.


If you don’t use your camper every month, the battery can become drained. We recommend
charging the battery every 4 to 6 weeks. If you spot a warning light, whether it stays on or just
flickers, it’s best to get it checked straight away. A failing or dead battery can have a big impact
on the whole electrical system.


We recommend checking your coolant/antifreeze levels every month and before a long
journey. If low, refill using a coolant mixture recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Also
check the coolant reservoir isn’t cracked or leaking, as this can lead to sudden engine
breakdowns. If there are any floating brown bits in your coolant, this could be a sign of rust and
should be checked by a mechanic.

Wipers and Screen Wash

Ensure your campervan wipers are in tip-top shape and that the screen wash system is
functional. Regularly clean your windscreen and wipers to remove any debris, this can also
prevent scratches on the windscreen. Don’t forget to replenish your screen wash regularly,
especially before long trips. We recommend travelling with a spare pair of wipers too.


Before setting off on any journey, take a minute to check the functioning of your headlights and
brake lights. Check for cracks or dirt in the lenses too, as this could cause a fault in the
lighting system if not fixed.

Breakdown Cover

Even with regular maintenance, the unexpected happens, so it’s best to invest. Find a company
that specialises in campers or vans, and check that they’ll cover the weight of your vehicle
(especially if it’s over 3500kg).

A golden rule to remember is – prevention is always better, and often cheaper than cure!

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