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At the moment the agent/ambassadors is suspended.

We have introduced a UK wide list of “customer agents” who currently own a Wellhouse Ford Camper and who are happy to show their campervan to prospective new customers (time permitting). Prior to using dealers, we had a small range of customer agents a few years ago and customers have since indicated that they preferred being able to go and speak with a current owner and view a Wellhouse camper with them. We feel this was a more more relaxed approach to viewing a van and finding out what its really like to own a campervan. They won’t try and sell you anything, other than the campervan lifestyle.

It works differently to visiting a dealer as everything is done through Wellhouse first so we know were sending you to see the right vehicle. As you can appreciate the visit has to be planned around the owners time schedule, however once arranged it could save people a long journey to Wellhouse.

Please note; it will only show the Town or area of where the camper is and you need to contact us for more details.

Picture shows a recent Wellhouse Adventure Group meeting at the New Forest.

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