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Before You Buy A Wellhouse

Here are a couple of frequently asked questions we have gathered. Check them out below and contact us if you have any further questions.

  • What is Wellhouse’s relationship with Ford?

    It’s important as a conversion company that you have a good working relationship with the manufacturer. Wellhouse has worked with Ford from the introduction of the Transit Custom and we work closely with all their technical team, hence why we’re allowed to have them in selected Ford dealerships.

  • Is it better to buy direct?

    No, you need to make contact with your local Ford dealer; we are happy to still talk to you and you’re welcome to visit us and see vans in build, but we are trying to build up a full network of dealers.

  • There isn’t a dealer near to me, what can I do?

    We do have areas where we don’t have a dealer and in these cases, we can supply you directly.

  • If I go to a dealer, do I just turn up?

    You can, but we want your visit to be worthwhile, so, first of all, you need to make sure that there is a demo available to see and that the camper salesperson is also available. On the dealer section, you can see all the direct contact details of each dealer.

  • Do I need to actually visit Wellhouse to buy?

    With all the info and videos available online nowadays, we do get some customers that buy a van and have it delivered without ever coming to see us, particularly if they have seen one of our campervans close up somewhere else. Although some people are happy to buy like this, we will always encourage you to visit your local dealer and strike up a relationship with them.

  • Do you offer finance?

    Yes, all the Ford dealers will be able to offer competitive finance.

  • If I buy from a dealer or direct from Wellhouse, do I have to collect from Wellhouse?

    No you don’t, we can arrange delivery to your door providing the vehicle is paid for in full. Please ask for a quote for this.

  • The Ford comes with a 3 year warranty what about the Wellhouse warranty?

    You get a 3 year conversion warranty to match the Ford warranty; all the selected dealers will also have done technical training courses at Wellhouse and will be able to do various degrees of warranty work if needed.

  • What servicing will the campervan require?

    Although we can undertake all servicing of your campervan, both the vehicle and its habitation equipment, you may find it more convenient to use the Mobile Caravanners Engineers Association ( who will come to your door to do the annual vehicle and habitation service. It is essential that these services are undertaken to maintain the warranties.

  • Can I supply my own base vehicle?

    Sorry, no, we no longer offer this.

  • Can I buy parts and build my own?

    Sorry, no. Many of the Ford parts we have spent many months and thousands of pounds having tested and type approved. We are also very proud and protective of our brand and in the past, people have bought parts from us and made their own conversion and tried to pass it off as a Wellhouse. With this in mind, we made the decision a while ago to only sell fully converted campers.

  • Is it quicker to buy from a dealer?

    Some dealers will already have vehicles on order to be built, even though they’re not sold. However, as we go forward. we will all work like this, but all campervans are built in strict order for both dealers and customer.

  • What are payment terms with Wellhouse?

    It’s £2000 deposit on order, then 4 weeks before your collection date, we need an interim payment of £23,000 to cover the base vehicle and the balance is payable on collection. (Please note Ford dealers might work differently to this).

  • Can I order extras on the conversion?

    Yes, we offer a wide range of extras, including awnings, roof bars, bike racks, leather upholstery, security safe BBQ points, levelling ramps, and all sorts of other stuff.

  • How long can we reasonably expect to operate the campervan in the wild without any electrical hook up?

    This is difficult to answer because it depends what you’re running from the battery and the fridge and the outside temperature but you should be good for 4 to 5 days and we have had people that run them for longer if they are also driving their vehicle in the day as well. Because we fit a 95w solar panel it makes a big difference to campers that solely rely on the leisure battery.

  • Are there any other equipment or appliances that you would recommend as being particularly useful or definitely not worth their storage space?

    We would need a book for this, however we always say try using it first before you go spending lots of money on extras, everyone uses there camper differently to the next person so only by using it will you find what you really need. Also make your first trip local or even on your drive that is an excellent way to find out what you need (and what you don’t).

  • What training do you offer when collecting the campervan, particularly with regard to equipment operation and vehicle manoeuvring?

    When you collect your camper you will be given a thorough dispatch which takes at least an hour. We also have online dispatch videos and this is available on DVD as well and comes with your camper and were also at the end of the phone.

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