Frequently Asked Questions

Before You Buy A Wellhouse

Here are a few of the frequently asked questions we have gathered. Check them out below and contact us if you have any further questions.

  • What are the Customer Ambassadors

    These are existing customers who have a Wellhouse camper who are happy to show their campervan to prospective customers. Please contact us for details but the agents are listed on the find a dealer page.

  • Do I need to actually visit Wellhouse to buy?

    With all the info and videos available online nowadays, we do get some customers that buy a van and have it delivered without ever coming to see us, particularly if they have seen one of our campervans close up somewhere else. However, you can't beat visiting a manufacturer and we can't stress enough how important it is to come and have a look round and see the vans been built.

  • Do you offer finance?

    Sorry no, not at the moment.

  • The campers come with a warranty what about the Wellhouse warranty?

    On new you get a 3-year conversion warranty to match the base vehicle warranty on new vehicles and 12 months on all the Japanese imported vehicles. On all used campers it's a 12-month warranty. All warranties are subject to terms and conditions.

  • What servicing will the campervan require?

    Although we can undertake all servicing of your campervan, both the vehicle and its habitation equipment, you may find it more convenient to use the Mobile Caravanners Engineers Association ( who will come to your door to do the annual vehicle and habitation service. It is essential that these services are undertaken to maintain the warranties.

    We also have service agents in Scotland and the South West.

  • Can I supply my own base vehicle?

    Yes but it depends on the base vehicle it has to be the same as the Ford Customs and Toyota Proace's we already convert as in gross vehicle weight. Sorry we do not offer outside conversions on the Japanese imports.

  • Can I buy parts and build my own?

    Sorry, no. Many of the parts we have spent many months and thousands of pounds having tested and type-approved. We are also very proud and protective of our brand and in the past, people have bought parts from us and made their own conversions and tried to pass it off as a Wellhouse. With this in mind, we made the decision a while ago to only sell fully converted campers.

  • What are payment terms with Wellhouse?

    It depends on which vehicle.

    New Ford/Toyota
    £5000 deposit on order, then 5 weeks before your collection date, we need an interim payment of 35k to cover the base vehicle and the balance is payable on collection.

    Japanese conversions.
    £5000 deposit on order, then within 3 weeks we need an interim payment of £7,000 to cover the base vehicle and the balance is payable on collection.

  • Can I order extras on the conversion?

    Yes, we offer a wide range of extras, including awnings, roof bars, bike racks, leather upholstery, security safe BBQ points, levelling ramps, and all sorts of other stuff. A full range of conversion options is available at the bottom of each page on the brands' section of the website.

  • Are there any other equipment or appliances that you would recommend as being particularly useful or definitely not worth their storage space?

    We would need a book for this, however, we always say try using it first before you go spending lots of money on extras, everyone uses their camper differently to the next person so only by using it will you find what you really need. Also, make your first trip local or even on your drive that is an excellent way to find out what you need (and what you don’t).

  • What training do you offer when collecting the campervan, particularly with regard to equipment operation and vehicle maneuvering?

    When you collect your camper you will be given a thorough dispatch which takes at least an hour. We also have online dispatch videos and this is available on DVD as well and comes with your camper and we're also at the end of the phone.

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      2023 Stock Situation

      We have plenty Ford Customs available but only SWB, some 170ps models and then later in the year lots of Automatic SWB models. On the Toyota Proace we only have 1 left and we are not planning on building anymore.

      On Japanese campers we have unlimited supply of Toyota Alphard and Nissan Serena and we will have the first side converted Serena ready towards the end of March. We also have some Nissan Caravans on route from Japan as well.