Peter and Mel Ward

“Our passport to adventure” – Peter Ward

Peter and Mel Ward have always loved camping. They enjoyed many memorable trips in the UK and abroad. When their son, Rhys, came along they wanted him to share our love of camping. He loved being at a campsite, hiding in the tent and making friends with other children on site.

However, according to Peter, they found they were camping less and less and getting away for the weekend after a busy week seemed too much work.

“Getting the tent from the loft, packing the car, dealing with a wet tent on our return etc, stopped us going on adventures,” he said.

Step forward their Wellhouse Leisure campervan – their passport to adventure without the hassle.”

From camping to campervan…

“Being able to finish work on Friday and just get away without fuss has transformed our leisure time. Where we might have stayed at home we now go away, discover new places and just have more fun and our 6-year-old loves it.”

Ford Campervan vs VW Campervan? There was no choice…

“When we decided to get a campervan, we looked at the usual VW conversions and we were not impressed with what you got for your money.

“We knew of Wellhouse Leisure as it wasn’t too far from our home, so we thought we would go and have a look. Once we had a look around their vans, we could obviously see the step up in quality. What we also were struck with how comprehensive the spec was on their campervans.

Diesel heating? Check.
Solar panel? Check.
Sliding rear seat? Check.

“We also were completely sold on the sliding rear seat. The ability to increase the boot space and move the seats nearer the front was invaluable, especially with a young son. It means we can transport so much of his gear and also he can be nearer us when we are driving. I can’t imagine owning a campervan without it.

“We went for a Ford Misano, a brand-new conversion on a 1 year 10-month van. This was more affordable for us than a brand-new van. The transit base van is great, easy to drive and a little bit bigger than other equivalent vans, meaning three seats in the back and a bigger bed.

It’s a family thing..

“Also, what we have found since we have owned our Wellhouse (now a year) is that the Wellhouse community is fantastic. It feels like a real family including the owners, you feel that doesn’t matter what you will be looked after.

“Our van (Geronimo, named by our son) is now part of our family. We go on day drips, ice lollies at the side of a road in a picturesque beauty spot. Weekends away, longer trips, holidays abroad hopefully next year.

“As mentioned earlier the simple fact is we now go away more, making family memories to last a lifetime, there is no price you can put on that.”

Find out more about Wellhouse Leisure’s Ford Misano campervans here.

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