Matt & Jane Hart

Matt Hart knows a thing or two about travelling.

As a Global Brand Ambassador for Fujifilm, his work has taken him all over the world.

Like many campervan owners, holidays with his wife, Jane, and their dog, Jake, in their Wellhouse Terrier were a means of getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But, after suffering a stroke in 2019, it became more than just a means of escape for Matt, but a fundamental tool for healing and recuperation.

“We have always been keen campers but, after a few very wet and windy camping trips, we decided enough was enough and got out first camper,” said Matt.

“After our first trip we were hooked. As soon as you step out of the front door of your house and into the van you are on holiday and to know you can stop almost anywhere and still be warm and dry is amazing.

“Jane and I go camping with Jake our dog. We both had very busy lives when we bought our first van; Jane with the NHS and I was Global Brand Ambassador for Fujifilm. I used to travel all over the UK and the world taking photographs and talking to large crowds. The van became our escape from reality and a place to hide and chill out.”

Matt previously owned a VW camper, but struggled to find something that met his needs, and like many, was sold on the quality of his Wellhouse conversion.

“We bought our Wellhouse in 2016 when they were selling their vans through Ford main dealerships.

“We had looked at hundreds of vans around the UK and had been looking for a new van for over 18 months to replace out VW Transporter Camper.

“We had almost given up the search and were in the Liverpool VW dealers looking at the California. We had to drop our car off for a service at People’s Ford in Speke and in the showroom was the Wellhouse campervan we now own.

“We spent the day driving backwards and forwards to look at the VW and the Ford and, in the end, we chose the Wellhouse Terrier Sport over the VW.

“The deciding factor was definitely build-quality and size – we even went to the Caravan and Camping Show at the NEC just to make sure we had made the right decision.

“We looked at every van at the show we were happy that we had chosen the best build quality and the right sized van.

“Plus the VW California only had two seats in the rear – not three like the Wellhouse – and the cream interior was not a great idea as we spend a lot of our time walking and cycling so it was not practical.”

How has your Wellhouse Ford campervan become part of your family life?

“It’s become a big part of our family. Back in 2019 I had a stroke so had to give up work and thanks to Jane, Jake and the van I am slowly getting back to whatever normal is.

“The specialists say it will take a couple of years for me to work around the brain damage.

“I have found the place I like to be most during my recovery is in my camper with Jane and Jake. It’s become my favourite safe place.

“We have spent many a nights in Glencoe in the middle of winter when it’s -16 outside and it’s absolute bliss in the morning when, with the flick of a switch, you are warm and toasty.

“We can’t wait to use it more and more over the coming years as we both retire and travel more and more.”

Being well-travelled, are there any UK based destinations you would recommend?

“Our favourite place to go is Scotland.

“We like to go out of season as much as possible and we have a few places we love to go, but because they are quiet and not many people know about them, we keep them to ourselves!”


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