Colin Stewart (Transit Custom)

Colin Stewarts Exciting Campervan Journey With Wellhouse Leisure

I am a ‘newbie’ to campervanning, having just taken possession of a Wellhouse Transit Custom in September 2023. However, I have been camping regularly for most of my life, most often in Scotland and Spain but also in Greenland, Pakistan, Bolivia, Peru and India.

I cycle a lot in Edinburgh but the van is my only vehicle so use it for supermarket trips, visits to recycling and occasionally to go to work. I also go road biking, mountain biking and hopefully skiing in the future, all of which I will be taking my campervan.
I love the North West coast of Scotland and look forward to many van trips there over the coming years.
I love everything about the van but most of all, I love the opportunity to be able to take trips according to the weather/my mood.
I had spent a significant amount of time on research and had a good idea of my requirements. However, I in over 40 years of driving I am certainly no ‘petrolhead’, having owned only 3 cars. I was nervous about spending so much money on a van. I wanted a sliding seat system and there were several companies that offered this conversion and spoke to a few of them.
A visit to Wellhouse sealed it for me. David’s honesty and integrity impressed me when I visited and, in my experience, these qualities have been evident in my dealings with everyone at Wellhouse. Advice I would give is to do your research! And think carefully about what you need and take time over the decision.
(Photos from a recent trip that Colin has been on)
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