Andreas & Jrene Mühlemann (English)

Wellhouse Leisure is proud to have customers all over the world and today we catch up with Switzerland-based Andreas and Jrene.
Andreas’ pictures have become legendary at Wellhouse, with some truly spectacular shots at some inspiring locations.
He was kind enough to translate this into German for our German speaking friends. You can find that by clicking here.



We are Andreas (51) and Jrene Mühlemann (59) from beautiful Switzerland. Since December 2018, we have been the proud owners of a Ford Transit conversion of Wellhouse Leisure. Together with our three dogs Chilli, Pepper and Balou we are the 5onTour.

Mainly, we are travelling on our own. Often our children, who are already adults, accompany us. They are enthusiastic campers with their partners too, that’s how we became aware of this beautiful hobby. They showed us how much freedom a car with a bed and a kitchen can give. We are already looking forward to go camping with all our grandchildren.

We prefer to travel between spring and autumn in lovely Switzerland. This country has so many beautiful places to offer, it has so much diversity. We love nature, so we are most drawn to the mountains. The Swiss Alps fascinate us, the size of the mountains is so impressive. Our favorite place is on the Furka Pass, in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

As soon as the situation with COVID-19 has calmed down, we would like to see more of Europe. Next on our travel list is the North Sea in Germany. In general, we are more drawn to the north than to the south. We like the cold rather than the heat. And as soon as we learn to speak English a bit better, we would like to visit the birth country of our Wellhouse Ford.

In 2016, we decided that we would like to buy a converted campervan. We are self-employed and always have our heads at work. Several strokes of fate have reminded us that we only have this one life. And this one life can be over so quickly. Often you forget that you should enjoy every little, but beautiful moment.  Sometimes we are too busy with other thoughts and do not see these moments at all. But our self-employment means that we are not able to travel for several weeks at once. That’s why it’s important for us to be able to drive away for a week or just a day or two, to escape from everyday life and enjoy life a little more.

We then engaged in long and intensive research. We have visited many trade fairs, read countless reports and spent hours watching videos. Finally, we have come to the conclusion that a Ford Transit from Wellhouse Leisure is perfect fit with our ideas. We have summarized some of these points below. In December of 2017 we signed the contract for our dream car.

These features convinced us:
  • The cockpit space for general things and drinking bottles (3 bottles per side)
  • The windscreen wipers wipe inside-out and not like our normal cars the other way around from side to side. So the passenger also gets a good view driving through rain and snow.
  • Possible payload of approx. 600 kg (empty weight with driver approx. 2600 kg, max. payload 3200 kg)
  • The stairs and the entrance are mounted on the outside of the vehicle and are retractable. So we have more space in the interior and the floor is flat everywhere.
  • The bench is allowed for 3 people and not only for 2 people as with many comparable models.
  • The seat of the bank is folded forward during the conversion to the bed, underneath is a cavity, which can be used as a storage space or as a sleeping place for the dogs.
  • The conversion from bench to bed and back again only takes a few seconds.
  • The width of the lower bed is wider than many comparable models.
  • Since you are lying on the bench on the back and not on the seat side, the lying surface is very flat and pleasant. However, a topper is recommended for a higher bodyweight.
  • A storage space is already planned for the portable toilet.
  • The spice drawer at the top of the kitchen (behind the driver’s seat) and the two compartments above the kitchen are very practical.
  • In general, the interior is very well used.
  • The metal parts of the carrosseries are carpeted throughout the interior. This better insulates against heat and cold.
  • The quality of the curtains is extremely high. These protect against heat, cold as well as light.
  • Two lamps with USB charging ports are placed on both the lower and upper bed. So you can easily charge your mobile phone while lying in bed.

And above all, we are very convinced of Wellhouse’s price-performance ratio.

Two years and over 100 overnight stays in our Ford later, we still think we made the best decision with this car. We have made some adjustments for ourselves personally. We installed a second solar panel, changed the battery to a lithium battery and installed an electric skylight window.

We are overjoyed that we decided to get a Wellhouse conversion more than three years ago. Since then, our lives have turned more positive. We no longer work like hamsters in a hamster wheel. We gained so much quality of life with our Ford. We are able to see the world with different eyes. Every trip has new adventures to discover. And being able to share this with one another, the dogs and our family gives us so much energy. We are always ready to leave within a few minutes to go and watch the sunset. Or drive to the nearest lake, cook us a delicious meal and after a few glasses of wine just fall into our mobile bed.

With Wellhouse, we are at home all over the world.




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