How To Choose A Campervan Converter

When researching the best campervan to buy, it’s easy to become overawed by the number of companies on the market and by the number of models and options available.

So where do you begin?

As well as the van make, model, and interior options, one of the most important decisions is choosing the right company for your campervan conversion build.

Think of it like building a house. You know what you want it to look like, but choosing the right builder can be the difference between a good and a bad experience. And when you are spending anywhere between £20,000 and £70,000 on your campervan, trust and peace of mind are vital.

So, here are a few things to consider when choosing a campervan converter.


It seems like an obvious one, but since we started converting campervans 20 years ago, the number of converters has grown exponentially and has really exploded in the last 5 years. When once there were about 75 campervan converters in the UK, there is now about 1200.

If you want to know that you are in safe hands, look for a converter with a good reputation. The difference between a good and bad converter is huge, so go with someone with experience – and lots of it.

They will anticipate any problems and give you proper advice on what you do and don’t need depending on your requirements and budget. The campervan converters job is not just to deliver the campervan of your dreams, but to make the whole experience as enjoyable and stress free as possible. Our 20 year video “Click here”


This is an important one. Always visit the company that will be carrying out your campervan conversion if possible. It lets you see their set up, their capability, their team – and a face to face meeting with the people with which you are entrusting your hard-earned cash is advisable. You want to see their investment in their business – this lets you know how invested they are in your campervan build.

A good campervan converter should actively encourage you to visit them. They will be delighted to welcome you and proud to show you around their factory, showing you bespoke option samples and the quality of campervan conversions in build for other customers.

Visiting Wellhouse “Click here”

Awards and Accreditations

There is nothing like a third party to give you an honest assessment of the quality and reputation of the company you are researching.

Many people are turning away from VW campervans to Ford campervans and the gold standard of quality for these conversions is the Ford QVM Certificate. This is the official endorsement from Ford that says the converter is a Qualified Vehicle Modifier. There are only two campervan converters in the UK that have this (yes, we’re one of them).

It’s also worth looking for campervan converters that have won multiple awards in multiple areas. For conversions, look for winners of the coveted Campervan of the Year award. Also look for those that have won business awards – it is a great indication that they are a professional outfit.

Customer Reviews         

Talking of third-party endorsements, customer reviews are obviously a great indication of how good a campervan converter is. People are used to shopping via star-ratings on websites, but some companies go further than the usual Google reviews and Trustpilot. For example, we have a section on the website dedicated to customer stories and an active Facebook page (Wellhouse Adventures) owned and run by customers.


Campervan owners are an active community that share advice and knowledge and it’s worth seeking out reviews from any converter you are researching.



Summing up all points above you need to look for quality in as many aspects of the converter you are researching as you can. Everything, from how they deal with your enquiry, their advice, what their customers think, right down to the quality of the campervan build itself.


You will probably be looking at a few convertors or maybe thinking about something direct from a manufacturer. If this is the case, then we recommend going and seeing the quality first-hand. Touch the finishes, feel the cupboard doors, sit on the leather seats. Pictures only tell half a story and, when making a significant purchase like a campervan, you want to be sure you have got the best quality for your budget.

We hope you found this list useful. There are many other things to look for, but these are the key bits of advice when choosing a campervan convertor.
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