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Arranging a homeview

Homeview is where we bring a camper to show you at the comfort of your own home. Read more below to find out how it works. Please note we only operate at certain times of the year and on new models not used.

  • What is it?

    Homeview is where we bring a camper to show you at your home for the Ford, Toyota Proace and Hyundai base vehicles. Please note this all depends on what we have in stock as a demo.

  • How does it work?

    Basically you request what you are after and we then we will send you the details and have a chat about your requirements. You are then added to the list and we come and see you as soon as we can.

  • Do I have to buy?

    No, in fact we try and deter people from buying at the time of the visit unless your 100% sure you want too. But we say to people “sleep on it” as buying a camper is a big decision. A cuppa doesn't go amiss !

  • How serious do I need to be?

    Tricky one, as we do say you need to be serious about buying and at a fairly advance stage. Most people are at the stage where they have viewed local converters and usually a VW California and they want to compare it with a Wellhouse vehicle.

  • How long do I have to wait?

    It depends on how many people we have on a route, normally say for a trip to the South West or Scotland we need 4-5 customers and then we will send the camper on tour. It’s a bit like doing a “dot to dot” and we work out the best route to get round everyone.

  • Can I pick a time and date?

    We will of course do our best to accommodate requests, but we have to go with what suits the majority of people. We try and do the tours at weekends as this seems to be the best time when people who are still working are at home.

  • Who will visit & does it have to be at home?

    Either myself (David) Chris, Mark or Sam do the visits and all of us will show you how the features work. If you didn’t want to meet at your home for any reason, then we can look at a suitable meeting point.

  • Can I still visit Wellhouse after the visit?

    Of course, you can. Wellhouse have been building campers for over 16 years and we have always been seen as the company that offers an alternative to the VW’s and for the majority of people when they see the “alternative base vans” such as the Hyundai, Ford & Toyota they are amazed as to what they can get for their money.

  • What do I do now?

    Simply fill out the form below and e-mail us and we will be in touch. Please give as much info as to requirements as possible.

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Arrange a home visit

Arrange a home visit

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