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Arranging a factory visit

One of the main things nowadays when buying a camper is the relationship with the converter/manufacturer. Over the last few years Wellhouse have gone full circle from having a large dealer network to going back to been virtually factory direct. Why ? well no matter what we do were only as good as the dealers we used so now with the exception of a couple of dealers we prefer to sell direct from Wellhouse and part of this is coming to visit the factory and let us show you how the campers are built but more importantly why and how we do things differently.

  • What is it?

    A factory tour is to show customers how we build a van from start to finish so you see the woodwork department, roof fitting, vans in build and we can even take you to the local company that does all our leather work.

  • How does it work?

    You just let us know when you are coming and we make sure you are given the time by one of us to show you round.

  • Do I have to buy?

    No, in fact we try and deter people from buying at the time of the visit unless your 100% sure you want too. But we say to people “sleep on it” as buying a camper is a big decision. Also its a lot to take in and many people say "I can't believe how much is done to the base vehicles"

  • How serious do I need to be?

    We don't mind as the idea is to try and show you what we do and hopefully when you do decide to buy a camper it will be a Wellhouse.

  • How long does it take.

    Its only around 30 minutes but then when you start looking at vans in more detail most peoples visits are around 30-90 minutes but we get people that will spend all day here. Your making a life changing purchase and spending lots of money so take as long as you need and there is no time limit.

  • Can I pick a time and date?

    Yes you can, ideally a week day because Saturdays the workshops are closed and you really want to see campers been built.

  • Can I bring children?

    Yes you can, but as you are walking around workshops you need to keep hold of their hand.

  • What do I do now?

    Just drop us an e-mail to

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Arrange a factory tour

Arrange a factory tour

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