Frequenty Asked Questions

Are the vehicles UK spec?
Yes, we fit a UK speedo fascia so it reads in MPH as well as KPH, we also fit a fog light on the rear and it comes with an English owner’s handbook.

How good are the Japanese Vehicles?
We have been converting motor caravans for 13 years and the Japanese range is our preferred vehicle choice as against European type. Japanese vehicles are very high spec and extremely well looked after; it’s hard to see why you would buy a European equivalent.

Can I have a different layout?
Unfortunately no, the Alphard conversion took many months to design and fits into the vehicle millimetre perfect. We rarely build ‘one off’ conversions as they don’t work well as against something that is mass produced, thus keeping the purchase prices competitive.

Can I change upholstery?
The fabric on the Alphards come in either light beige, mid grey or black depending on the model. We match the rear seat the front, if you would prefer to change the front seats as well and have everything reupholstered then please add £400.

Can I have leather?
Yes, its £750 to have full leather trim.

Do I have a wood colour choice?
Yes, we have various choice of wood to choose from; when you order you will be given a sample box to choose from.

Can it be LPG converted?
Yes it can, however Wellhouse do not convert in house but we can put you in touch with a company that can do this for you.

What is the tax class and registration?
£225 for 12 months tax and we register it as a motorhome on the V5C.

What’s the MPG?
When we did tests on the 2.4 version on a 350 mile trip we got 32.5 mpg, on the V6 version which is the same as a Lexus RX300 we got over 30 on a run. Japanese petrol’s are quite economical for the size of the engine.

Do we offer finance?
Sorry no.

What is the warranty?
The warranty is 3 years and is a comprehensive AA warranty. We also include our 3 year conversion warranty on the vehicle.

Can my garage service it?
Yes, all you need to do is take the vehicle to any VAT registered garage and keep the paper work for your warranty purposes.

You don’t have what I am looking for; can you find me one in Japan?
Yes, if for example you are looking for a 2005, low mileage 4 wheel drive in black then we can find it. Because we’re always booked up in advance we have plenty of time to source in Japan and find you the right base vehicle for conversion.