We are now taking orders for the LEVC VN5.

First of all you’re probably wondering just what LEVC stands for and what all the hype is around this vehicle. Well the LEVC is the London Electric Vehicle Company and LEVC is part off the Geely group that owns Volvo, Lotus, Proton and many more brands. The VN5 is built at a massive factory in Coventry meaning its built in the UK and uses mostly Volvo running gear.

Your first thought when seeing the LEVC is “that looks like a London Taxi Van” and you’re right, it it! That’s why the front end looks exactly like a London Taxi. When we first saw it we were not sure either, but its a camper and no reason why a camper shouldn’t be different!

Before we decided on production we wanted to try one ourselves and we have been doing do for the last 6 months. We have to say we really do love it. We even drove it from Barnsley to Munich for the seat development!

So why the VN5? There are many electric vans on the market, we have the Vivaro and the Proace which are both great base vans but the problem is that a campervan needs range. The VN5 offers the best of both worlds as it will do 60 miles on electric only but then when you need more range it has a range extender in the form of a 1.5 3 cylinder petrol engine that kicks in and powers the electric motors.

When I drove our VN5 to Germany I drove from Hoek-Van-Holland to Augsburg near Munich none stop apart from fuel stops and that was 850km !

We are now able to take orders for the VN5 which we have called the “Carrozza” which is Italian for “Carriage” The final look will be similar to the mix of pictures you will in the image gallery. It will have bigger, double glazed windows with blind and fly screen on the inside than those pictured on the white vehicle.

The inside of the VN5 is similar in size to the Toyota Proace & Vauxhall Vivaro and so the conversion will be very similar. It will have the same compressor fridge and glass top hob and sink and the same German sliding seat system. We have also decided to go for a gas hob & heating.

The reason for gas hob and heating is because the whole aim of the LEVC was to create a camper that people can wild camp in and where they aren’t forced in to having to find a campsite or hook up to electric. Electric heaters and induction hobs take a huge draw from the electric system and being sat in a layby cold and not able to make a cuppa is not most peoples idea of fun, therefore it made complete sense to use gas like we do in all our campervans.

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