The Misano is a brand-new conversion based on a used Ford Transit Custom model (usually in Limited spec) to keep the price keen. It’s available for both SWB and LWB models, with either an elevating roof or a high-top. Internally is a side kitchen layout with Italian-styled curved cabinets and a flexible sliding rear seat system that maximises boot / living space depending on your needs.

This German-made sliding seat has not only been fully European crash tested both on a test bed, but also in the bodyshell of a Ford Transit Custom for maximum safety (unlike many other campervan seats). It features three-point seat belts for three people and easily converts to a generous 6ft x 4ft double bed at night-time.

The standard Ford specification varies depending on the model year and spec of the used vehicle, but the following spec is typical for a Limited-based Misano. Prices start from £39,000 to around £45,000 depending on the base vehicle this would be for a 2017/18/19/20 on with around 10,000 to 30,000 miles and new conversion.