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No these are not “James Bond’s” with campers…..

We are introducing a UK wide list of “customer agents” who currently own a Wellhouse Ford Camper and who “time permitting” will be happy to show their campervan to prospective new customers. We used to work like this a few years ago before we had dealers new customers loved the fact they could go and speak with a current owner and view a Wellhouse camper and was a more more relaxed approach to viewing a van. Its more about what its like to own a campervan and they won’t try and sell you anything other than the campervan lifestyle.

It works differently to visiting a dealer as its all done via Wellhouse first so we know were sending you to see the right vehicle and it has to work around the owners time schedule work/holiday ETC but could save people a long journey to Wellhouse.

Please note it will only show the Town or area of where the camper is and you need to contact us for more details.

Picture shows a recent Wellhouse Adventure Group meeting at the New Forest.

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