Future Conversions

Conversions Coming Soon


SsangYong Turismo

This is the new SsangYong Turismo people carrier which we are going to convert in to a 4 berth, 4 seater campervan. First of all the base vehicle has a Euro 6 diesel engine (all are 178ps!) after driving our test vehicle we found it’s very car like rather than like a van. The base vehicle also is as you would expect, quite high spec and on the various models the list of extras are endless, heated steering wheel, heated seats, SAT-NAV, DAB, leather are just a few of the extras you can have but best of all is an automatic version and a 4WD automatic version. It’s 5.13m long and under 2m high. Prices for the standard model will be around £29,995 up to around £36k for the top 4WD automatic version. The conversion will be 2 x single beds using the original seats but moulded mattresses for both and it will have the conversion on both sides at the rear so you will have access via the rear tailgate and both side doors. It will have hob, sink, fridge, mains electrics, leisure battery, fresh and waste on board water. The estimated launch date is the NEC show in October (if all goes to plan) for more info on the base vehicle click here.


Ford Terrier LWB

This is the long awaited Long Wheel Base version of the Ford Terrier 2 with an extra 40cm of internal space inside this means you can easily add an extra pair of seats making it a 7 seater (on 340 mode) or with the seat forward ad a pair of full size bicycles inside the camper. The conversion which is also longer will have a larger wardrobe. Estimated start date: In build now and orders been taken.


Ford Terrier Le Tour

This is our version of the VW California Beach so it’s a Terrier 2 with no conversion. This version will suit people who want to use the Terrier as a big car and lifestyle vehicle. It has a full width bed, elevating roof, comes with roof bed as standard, curtains, 12v electrics and leisure battery, driver and passenger swivel seats, table and for £750 you can have a camping rod which locks in to the seat rails. You can also add an extra pair of single seats making it a 7 seater. Price for a new Euro 6 130ps is £34,000 OTR. Estimated start date: Already in production.


“NEUSED” Ford Terrier USED with new conversion

Now the Ford Customs are nearly 3 years old, we are starting to convert used models with new conversions. The base spec of these Customs will vary but the prices will be around £29,000 depending on the specs. These will have the same Terrier 2 conversion and crash tested sliding seat as a new one and also new single cab seats but things like Eberspacher heater, electric step & solar panel are not standard but can be added as extras. Estimated start date: Already started and available to order.

Ford Terrier SWB with mid seating & rear conversion

This is different type on conversion which will only be offered on used Ford Customs, it will have mid seating and conversion on either side at the rear. It will have either elevating roof or hitop. This vehicle won’t have a sliding crash tested rear seat. Prices for a 3 year old base van with around 40,000 miles will be around £27,000. Estimated start date: Around September.


Toyota Proace

The new Toyota Proace is a joint venture with Toyota, Citroen and Peugeot and is going to be under 2m high and is 4.95m long. We have already seen the base vehicle and development is underway. It will have a sliding rear seat like the Ford and Mercedes Vito, German SCA roof and side conversion. We are still awaiting pricing and are still in discussions about what the spec will be, the Toyota will be cheaper than the Vito and the Ford. These are great looking vehicles and the base vehicle will have a 5 year warranty. Estimated start date: In development now and hopefully launched at the NEC show in October.


Mercedes Vito all new Italian conversion

The all new Vito is currently in design at Tecnoform in Italy and should be ready around September time, this has the same SCA roof and crash tested sliding seat system as the Ford Terrier. Its Euro 6, RWD, under 2m high and available in a range of engine powers and Automatic is also available. Estimated start date: In development now, orders been taken.


Toyota Alphard Hi-top

This is the same conversion as the standard Alphard we have been doing for a couple of years but with option of a high top rather than elevating roof. This will give full headroom and cupboards front and rear, it will also have a roof light and top side windows. Estimated start date: Already available to order on any of the Alphards we have in stock and the price is the same as a standard elevating roof model.


Alphard rear weekender conversion

We are going to offer the Alphard with a small rear conversion similar to the pictures. This is what we call more of a weekend conversion and will have elevating roof, 2 ring hob and sink fresh and waste water containers, leisure battery, coolbox, storage. The conversion sill has driver and passenger swivel seats and keeps the middle row and the driver’s side rear seat so it will seat 6 people. This conversion can be carried out on any Alphard so long as we have not already removed the interior and price.