Wellhouse has been importing vehicles from Japan since 2002, with the main bulk of these being the Toyota Granvia and Regius of which we have sold over 750.

In 2013 we decided to stop importing the Toyota Granvia and Regius due to the age of the vehicles. However, we still purchase and sell these vehicles of which we have previously built. The obvious vehicle to replace the Granvia and Regius is the more modern, sleeker looking Toyota Alphard.

So what is an Alphard? The Alphard started production in Japan in 2002 and as you can see from the pictures still looks as modern today as many new vehicles. The Alphard does share various parts with the Lexus of which we are familiar with in Europe, including the 3.0V6 engine with 4WD which is essentially a Lexus people carrier. The reason we chose the Alphards is because they are very hi-spec base vehicles and offer the highest luxury you can get in a people carrier, these are not vans nor are they being used commercially. They are fantastic to drive, very smooth and very quiet, just as you would expect from a high quality Toyota.